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Rule No Contact: Secrets To the No Contact Rule

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How to get over the feeling of being rejected by the person you love… made you feel unattractive, unimportant, and not lovable… and stick his unwanted negative judgment back to him!

Dear Friend,

If you want to know how a "broken" woman can accept a blindsided breakup without any closure… then this letter will show you how.

Here's what it's all about:

Several years ago, I was dumped by someone who I thought was the love of my life. That guy was my everything. My best friend, my better half, my confidante.

We were the perfect couple… so in sync with each other intellectually, physically, and emotionally. Our endless inside jokes, and unnecessarily expensive foodie adventures…

We loved being silly and stupid together.

Then one day, my “loved one” tells me that he wants to break up with me. Just out of the blue with no real reason except..

He said he wanted space.

I was speechless... My heart dropped to the floor and shattered into pieces.

      The only thing that I could think of then was that our three-year relationship was done.

I couldn’t believe it…

Everything we've worked for just flushed down the drain.

We had dreams, plans, and promises for our future. And without even any explanation, he checked out for good.

I was left absolutely wrecked.

     SAD that I lost the person I was willing to spend the rest of my life with…

     LOST because my life has been flipped upside down by "the one"…

     DISAPPOINTED that my ex thought breaking up was the only way to solve the problems instead of trying to work it out together…

     HUMILIATED to be rejected and dumped out of the blue…

     ANGRY that he thinks I wasn't good enough…

     And TIRED to think about how cold he became after all the years of love and sacrifices I've spent on us…

After years of investing in "our future", I was emotionally exhausted to think about… EVERTYHING.

     It was hard but a must to accept that it's over, and that I have to move on.

How did I try to recover?

I opened up my journal and look through my past breakups. Believe me, it opened up a few old wounds.

But I was also able to retrace the steps I took to recover from breakups. After looking at my past, I noticed that I had a way to quickly deal with the emotional pain and wipe out thoughts of my exes.

     In these private notes, I found answers to everything I was going through.

Even for the worst pain imaginable...

I learned how I could throw my ex off the pedestal. I realized that I was strong enough to fight through the sadness, the loneliness, the hurt and the crippling fear of never finding love again… of being by myself.

I found a way to move on in an easy way.

I compiled my methods and created a plan to get myself out of this dark hole. After all, I'm done feeling depressed and powerless over some guy who now treats me like a stranger.

Three years… I invested everything into this relationship and was left utterly drained. Broken promises, empty words, neglect...

     It only took 7 days to feel that my plan was working!

I felt great…

I wasn't one hundred percent yet, but my energy was up. I was sleeping better. Food taste great. I never felt this free… EVER.

I found my purpose again… this time my life revolved around ME.

No Contact felt like breeze. I didn't have to struggle with any urge to reach out to my ex. In fact, he became an afterthought once I applied these methods.

I still care about him. But I wasn't going to let him take over my life when he's not in the picture anymore.

Like I said, within one week I was able to get over another big breakup.

I've shared some of my experiences and tips on my blog Being able to help people who feel hopeless and looking for true love are the reasons why I decided to start this blog.

But these private notes have never been released until now…

Recently, I've coached a small group of my email subscribers who are all struggling to get over their breakups, and compiled my private notes into a detailed guide for their access.

I call this guide Rule No Contact.

And it is specifically designed to help you get over your fears, doubts, sadness, anger caused by your breakup… without getting closure from your ex.

     Even if you're afraid to let go internally!

I'm not joking…

This guide contains the EXACT same techniques I used to overcome the greatest fears of finding someone worthy of my love and rejecting those who don’t.

After all, your only crime was loving him too much, right?

Yet, if I hear from you right now, you can get this guide right away for just a small fraction of what my coaching clients pay.

I'll tell you more about that in a second.

First, here's just a handful of the best-kept secrets in this guide:

  • A lesser known truth about breakups that will eliminate every emotional pain in your body once you learn about it. (The best part? It takes zero effort to make it work). Page 22
  • A simple exercise so surprisingly accurate to determine the cause of your breakup without fail. Page 15
  • An unusual (yet simple and powerful) way to overcome your deepest held fears that you were not good enough for your ex when in fact the person who should be regretting is your ex losing out on you. Page 19
  • The only "mind-blasting" secret you need to know about men to understand why they can walk away with a snap of their finger. (Grasp this idea, and EVERYTHING will make a whole lot of sense. Page 19)
  • The #1 "deadly mistake" if you try to fix relationships. (This common "blunder" - almost first time dumpees always make - destroys your self-esteem and practically guarantees your ex hating you.) Page 24
  • How your closest "companion" is most likely going to sabotage your healing process. Page 42
  • Why your failed relationship is a “success”. Page 18
  • This little-known trick to help make your mornings and nights easier so you have a fighting chance to start your day. Page 28
  • An "almost" guaranteed way to have the perfect girls' night out. (Get loose, drink up, and be worry-free about making any embarrassing mistakes.) Page 49
  • Twelve "dig deep" questions to uncover the real side of your relationship. (This is how you are going to get REAL closure.) Page 30
  • Why this "toy" should be the number 1 item on your breakup shopping list. Page 60
  • The #1 "sad truth" you are unwilling to admit. (It's a hard pill to swallow and this may be the ULTIMATE reason you're not willing to let go of your ex.) Page 32
  • Why you will never know the REAL reason for your breakup and why it doesn't matter at all. Page 13
  • An almost unknown reason why your ex moved on so quickly without any scratches. (And how you can do the same thing.) Page 17

And speaking about your ex…

Rule No Contact includes a “private” survey I use in coaching sessions to prove why your ex isn’t the love of your life. I don’t know about you, but I would mark some flaws as deal breakers including…

He brings out the crazy in you… You always find yourself making excuses for him… He doesn't care about your day.… You can’t be yourself around him… You need his approval…

Some of these signs have utterly drained your life so badly you’ll be dying to read about…

How to instantly dethrone your ex off the pedestal

and strip him the title of your soulmate

in as little pain as your heart can still endure!

You’ll NEVER see this “technique” revealed publicly in a blog. And yet, it’s probably the easiest (and most reliable) way to take your rose-tinted glasses off for good.

Here are a few more of the breakup recovery tips in Rule No Contact…

  • Little-known, "dirty tricks" that let your ex feel the pain of losing you without even trying. Page 91
  • The #1 "desperate mistake" first-time dumpees make that leaves them psychologically scarred for life. Page 61
  • This "hard to admit" truth no one dares to talk to you about, but will instantly lift any “backstabbing” stress and pain off your shoulders. Page 15
  • Why your breakup is the best thing that's happened to you. Page 28
  • Bumped into your ex? How to “meet and greet” like a BOSS. (Wipe out any fears of running into ex at your regular coffee shop within seconds.) Page 89
  • 10 ground rules before you EVEN think about rebound sex. (You'll need a lot of discipline to strictly abide before you flirt with this idea.) Page 63
  • A forgotten "self-soothing" way to instantly relieve your emotional pain Page 28
  • Why your friends are turning their backs on you right now… without you even realizing it. Page 68
  • The little-known reason why writing this one simple sentence in your journal can transform your mindset, remove your emotional baggage, and get over your breakup, FAST. Page 27
  • Why you are still looking for validation from your ex.
  • How this chic "therapy" is exactly the best medicine you need for instant relief… without paying someone to listen to your problems. Page 58
  • The exact blueprint I use to boost my confidence and get sexy back. Page 78
  • And a whole lot MORE.

Anyway, that's just a small "taste" of what awaits you in Rule No Contact.

There's no theory or "fluff" in this guide.

Instead, you will find the most psychological, yet "down-to-earth" advice for dealing with breakups. The exact same tips I used to get over four different relationships (longest one being 6 years!)…

Without even getting closure.

So how much does Rule No Contact cost?

For now, you can grab a copy for just $20. That's a mere fraction of what my coaching clients pay for an hour session. It's nothing compared to going to a therapist.

Most importantly, you will save months of feeling emotionally exhausted trying to find your way out of misery. With my detailed guide, you'll have a clear plan to escape the pain from breakups in a short time.

If you want to feel whole and happy, then this guide may be your solution.

So don't put this off.

Plus, you're also protected by my 60 Days money-back guarantee too. If you are unhappy with Rule No Contact and feel that the advice doesn't apply to your situation, just send me an email and you'll get a prompt refund.

No questions asked.

However, this low price won't last forever.

And I may very well end this offer as early as tomorrow.

Maybe even tonight.

So grab your copy now by clicking the I want this! button on the right of this page.

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Rule No Contact: Secrets To the No Contact Rule

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